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Liza Soberano, Nadine Lustre, Janella Salvador and 20 More Young, Driven & Beautiful Women in Mega Magazine February 2015 Issue

"The Women, Now Young, Driven & Beautiful" is what this month's Mega Magazine Issue is all about.

In celebration of the 23rd anniversary of the Philippines' Best Fashion Magazine, MEGA, features 23 of the freshest, up and coming stars in this month's issue.

Under construction being the theme this month's Mega Issue, discover how these 23 young ladies are making their mark in their chosen profession.They also put the spotlight on young designers who have blown us away with their fresh and ingenious creations. They are the future of Philippine fashion. They also give us visions of beauty and the shape of things to come, from trends to the kind of face shape you should have.

Also, see their list of 23 MEGA’s milestones as well as give you our insight on historical events that changed the way we all live.

Also, you'll have every single of them in 23 digital covers available for download on Magzter, Google Play or AppStore for only $2.99.

Meanwhile, you can join the discussion!

POLL: Who's the most gorgeous among these 23 beautiful ladies in MEGA Magazine's Anniversary issue?

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