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Make brushing more fun with Minions!

Eating food that is high in Carbohydrates or drinking beverages with high sugar contents attracts bacteria and could potentially destroy your teeth enamel most especially to kids. Bacteria doesn't just cause bad breath but it could also worsen the case like getting URTI or Upper Respiratory Tract Infection or tooth extraction for loose teeth. These dilemmas can be prevented if we have proper oral hygiene.

Brushing your teeth gets rid of the bacteria and it lessens the probability of getting infections. This is something that I want my nieces and nephews to develop since growing up with "not so perfect" set of teeth was a struggle. However, getting kids involved in this habit could be a challenge or a disaster and kids think that it could lead to mutilation or inflict pain which they have experienced during doctors check up. 

One thing that I have learned when I was in college was kids or toddlers are great imitators - so lead by example. Instead of showing them the routinary way of brushing your teeth, think out of the box and experiment new ways of making this daily activity exciting. 

Here are some of the things I do to make brushing more fun with minions using the "M.I.N.I.O.N." technique.

1.  usic makes it more fun.

While you and your kids are brushing your teeth, it'll be fun to add a little groove and steps to this activity. This will not just get the interest of your little ones but it will also make your bonding moments with them worthwhile.

2.  nvest on fancy or physically attractive toothbrushes.

Kids get interested to somethings if they find value and attracted to it. Using toothbrushes in the image of the favorite character like the newest Colgate’s Minions toothbrush and Minions toothpaste take away their fears of trying it, plus, it develops your child's imagination and creativity at the same time.

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3.  ever skip brushing your teeth.

Kids learn fast and they achieve this by imitating the adults. Skipping this activity might give them an idea that it is fine not to brush your teeth. Set yourself as a good example to them for them to religiously do this activity after meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Consistency is the key.

4.  ndependence lead to achieving a developmental milestone.

After showing them how it's done, let them do it on their own by using their cute Minions toothbrush with a soft bristle. Of course, Colgate will always be our bestfriend in unlocking the child's milestone. 
Squeeze a little, brush gently and rinse with water and don't forget to recognize their effort in doing it on their own. "Great job, Anak! Our big boy can already do it on his own".

Assessment + Recognition = Achieved Developmental Milestone.

Letting them brush the teeth of their toy doll or teddy bear develops independence and the sense of responsibility. And it also looks fun seeing your kids having fun while cleaning their teeth.

Don't forget to give lots of praise and reinforcement whenever he does it by himself.

5.  verused brushes must be replaced.

To keep the full effect of this activity we have to make sure that we use bacteria-free toothbrushes. Yes, brushes can also be invaded by bacterias which could lead to getting oral infections. Replace their toothbrush after 2 months. It could be the same cartoon character or you can explore and use other attractive toothbrushes. Bacteria are never fun!

6.  ice songs to sing along.

Wouldn't it be nice to bond and sing along with your kids while brushing your teeth? A perfect example is the jingle of Colgate in one of their advertisements. "Brush, brush, brush 3 times a day. Brush with Colgate". Aside from having a nice time, kids will also develop fine motor skills which will help them as they grow up.

Thinking outrageous and creative in doing simple stuff makes it extra special and fun just like brushing your teeth with your kids. It may not be as fun as playing ball games, at least we install them good habits that they can keep when they grow up.

And lastly, doing this routine as a family makes it more fun and exciting which they will look forward too because a family that brushes teeth together smiles better than the others. Remember, M.I.N.I.O.N.!

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