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5 SMART Tips to Keep Your Smartphone's Battery Healthy

In today's life where everything is technologically advanced and high tech, a smartphone is now considered a necessity which is essential in our daily activities, work and personal.

Technology has definitely shown the evolution of Smartphones. Though we have seen great innovations, extra care is still needed to maintain its optimal function. Here are quick SMART tips to keep your phones in good condition.

Below are some of the useful tips to increase the life of your phone's battery.

1. Do Not Overcharge

Do not leave your phone charging overnight. Yes, I know this can be very difficult for those that uses their mobile phones the whole day for work and personal kinds of stuff and need the phone charged the next day but that reduces the capacity of your phone's battery. This did, in fact, cause damage to the battery and reduce performance. It even led some to explode.

2. Do Not Overheat

Lock your phone when you're not using it. Heat is perhaps the worst enemy of lithium-ion batteries, which most smartphones use. Usual causes of overheating can be “Your display brightness is too high,” “Your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth has been connected for too long,” or you have too many running applications. Also, avoid keeping your phone on direct sunlight like putting your phone on the dashboard of the car.

3. Do Not Use your Phone while Charging

Many of us are guilty of this one. We often fell asleep leaving our phones plugged in while playing graphically intensive games like Mobile Legends or while searching for Pokemon's outdoor, chatting with friends and loved-ones over Facebook and Twitter or watching Netflix and favorite K-Dramas to sleep. This practice will also raise the temperature of the phone and eventually damage the battery.

Small amounts of usage load create difficulties for the battery from entering a full charging cycle, harming the battery, so if you can set your phone to silent mode or airplane mode, much better.

While you charge your phone, busy yourself. Take a short nap or watch your favorite TV show. Let your phone and it's battery rest.

4. Use Power-Saver Applications

Make sure you're using battery saving application. Some phones have pre-installed power saver apps but if your phone don't have one you can easily find one in Google Play Store or App Store. These apps are designed to optimize battery usage without any complex controls. You should definitely enable these. This really helps!

5. Use a GOOD QUALITY Charger

Charger also matter! Stop from using low-quality stay away from knock-off chargers. Chargers can be expensive for no good reason, but you're better off sticking with official chargers or some other reliable chargers as opposed to replicas to avoid the risk of damaging your phone.

In case your original one was lost, broken or stop working, the best charger replacement you can find online is the Magneto Magnetic Charging Cable. This high quality fast-charging magnetic cable may be the best replacement you can ever find that works for both android and iPhone!

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Following the tips above will help, and will certainly keep you safer when using the phone.

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