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Paolo Ballesteros In A Relationship with Roland Ochoa Anog

Many were shocked after they saw a revelation on Instagram posted by Die Beautiful lead star Paolo Ballesteros last April 14. The post is a picture of two hands with a matching gold ring, where the text "and I love you" was also written over the image with caption "2nd. [kiss, heart, and rainbow emojis]" where certain "r.a0606" Instagram user was tagged on the said photo.

Prior to that, the Kapuso and Eat Bulaga host also posted a photo of arms with matching tattoos last month, March 13 captioned with, "1st."

Based on these posts and on the roman numerical tattoos, it can be said that the couple's official anniversary is on February 14, 2017.

All of these hints, the real question now is who is this mystery guy?

The Instagram account "r.a.0606" belongs to the name http://www.sunstar.com.ph/roland-ochoa-anogRoland Ochoa Anog. He is a Dancer/Choreographer and a former member of the nation's popular dance group, GForce.

Below are some of his pictures online:

Isn't that the same gold ring Paolo has posted on his Instagram?

Ballesteros who has a daughter from his previous relationship gained International attention for his make-up transformations on social media and soon wins Best Actor recognitions here and abroad for his move "Die Beautiful" where he played the role of a transgender.

Photo Sources: Roland Ochoa Anog and Paolo Ballesteros' Social Media Accounts

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