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Must Have: NTONPower Power Strip with 12 AC Outlets and 4 USB Charging Ports

 Technological advancements have made people's lives convenient. These innovations have provided comfort and accessibility to everyone but dangers could also be possible especially if the quality of the product is low.

Have you ever seen a power strip with more than 6 outlets? I bet you haven't! If you did you might back off and think about possible hazard once it overloads. Well, worry no more as NTONPower now offers power strip with 4 USB ports 12 outlets.

Its 4 USB ports are built on the side of the strip with a full surge, overload protection for repair shops, machine rooms and some other industrial relevant places - even coffee shops that lack outlets!

This device is a must have especially for people who love to venture to different places who have a lot of gadgets but with limited power outlets. There are instances that we want all of these gadgets in one place for easy access and the power strip will solve this dilemma since "Convenience is our key!" With its sturdy features, you can easily hang the strip on the wall or lay it flat on the table where your stuff are - laptops, smartphones, cameras and even power banks. Amazingly smart innovation at its finest!

Some may question the electric supply of the strip to a device as some require a specific amount of electricity. Worry no more as this strip automatically detects and distribute the ampere depending on what your device requires for an optimal charge, maximizes the protection and offers ultimate convenience for your daily usage.

All strips have been tested carefully before its release in the market and have a warranty for 18 months.

The product is made by quality ABS+PC material which is 750° high temperature resistant to accidental fire incidents. In case of emergency, the device automatically shuts down when any overload accident is detected to protect all devices that are plugged in.

What are you waiting for? Get your NTONPower Power strips with 4 USB ports 12 outlets in Amazon or you can visit their website to check their selections which you think will suit your preference.

Click here to view all the products details:  NTONPower Power Strip with 12 AC Outlets and 4 USB Charging Ports

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