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Marlon Stockinger has twins but not with Girlfriend Pia Wurtzbach

Rumors have spread in the social media about the model who claimed that the biological father of her twins is no other than the boyfriend of Miss Universe 2015, Marlon Stockinger.

In an interview in a product launch on March 7, Queen Pia was caught speechless when the issue was asked at her. "Are you sure it is the same Marlon? There's a lot of Marlon... I don't know anything about that, Pia reacted. This rumor became viral not only in Wurtzbach's showbiz circle but also in blogs and tabloid columns.

Last March 30, 2017, Kit Barraquias, Model, and Fitness enthusiast, who spilled the beans that Marlon is the biological father of her twins was finally interviewed in a coffee shop in a posh hotel somewhere in Makati.

"You just wanna know the truth, so I just wanna tell you the truth. I'm gonna be straightforward and, yes, he is the dad", Kit confirmed.

"We had twins. He's the biological dad. I don't want to say he is the dad...just the biological dad. And that's it. We haven't had any communication. He hasn't seen the girls ever", she added.

Kit also denied that she was paid by the family of Marlon just for her to keep her silence in the issue. She quoted, "And the mom hasn't paid me money to keep quiet or whatever it is that's coming out. I have no bad blood with them. It's just like two strangers meeting outside. That's it".

According to the model, her relationship with the 25-year-old car racer lasted for almost a year when she was 27 and Marlon was just 18.

"Im older by 9 or 10, I think and that is the reason...to like, I don't wanna be the one to ruin his racing career", she explained.

Based on the interview, Marlon took her to Zurich, Switzerland to meet the Grandmother of Marlon but broke up later when she was already 4 months pregnant.

"I was working then, I can handle myself. It's not like...I don't take anything against him", she added.

Kit gave birth in a private hospital in September 2009 via caesarean section.

"Was there financial support from the car racer?"

"Support? I think the mom went to the house maybe a couple of times, and I don't wanna say the amount that she gave cause it's kinda embarrassing, and milk. And then, there's no really monthly. My cousin told me that someone told her that they are giving support, like 10k pesos a month." Model denied this speculation.

As of the moment, Marlon hasn't released a statement regarding Kit's claim.

Is this a truth or a lie?

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