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Kiray and Pia to play Narda and Darna, Fanny Serrano proposes

Celebrity Make-Up Artist and Fashion Designer, Fanny Serrano suggested Kiray to play as Narda and Pia as Darna. In his Instagram, Fanny posted the the picture of the two ladies.

According to him, the movie has to bring back the original story which has the character Narda which will be in the image of comedienne actress, Kiray Celis and when the transformation occurs, superheroine Darna will become the image of Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach.

Fanny even added that the millenial Darnas had inconsistencies. Logically speaking, both characters in the comics have different identities. If only one will play both roles, villains will be able to recognize who Darna is which will lead to her defeat.

The stylist strongly believe that Pia has what it takes to become Darna with her Superwoman physique while Kiray is fit for the role of Narda since she looks different from Pia. What saddened the stylist is that Pia already confirmed not to play the iconic role as ABS CBN has better plans for her.

Do you agree with his concept and the suggested characters of Darna?

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