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PBB Teen Profile: Edward Barber

NAME: Edward John Barber
AGE: 16 years old
BIRTHDAY: July 15, 2000
FROM: Germany

This "Cheerful Charmer from Germany," is a 16-year-old half-Filipino, half-British who was born and raised in Germany from her Filipina mother and a British-German father. He was first introduced on "It's Showtime."

This Filipino-British was the second teen housemate to enter the Big Brother house this season.

As for the reason why he joined the reality show, Edward said, “The experience, straight away. If I say no to it, I’m never going to get the chance to do it again.” He also said that his motto is clothing brand's tagline, “Just do it.”

He has a big crush with Liza Soberano and is a fan of Liza and Enrique tandem also. Edward and other housemates had a chance dating Liza Soberano and meeting Enrique Gil inside Big Brother house.

Meanwhile, Barber also confessed her admiration with one of her co-housemate Heaven Peralejo.

“First day I saw you. I thought you’re gonna get into my nerves. I thought you’re gonna be annoying. Then we start talking and I said ah she’s alright. Week two, you were like she’s cool, she’s my friend…and now I don’t know if this is the place or the time to say…But I guess I just wanna say I like you. I care.”

After Barber’s admission, Peralejo also revealed that she like Barber, “Between you and Marco..it was always you and it is always you.”

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