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PBB Lucky Teen Profile: Yong Muhajil

NAME: Cornillo "Yong" Muhajil
AGE: 16-years old
BIRTHDAY: October 22, 1999
FROM: Zamboanga

Yong is a 16-year-old, Grade 9 student who knows how to sing, play basketball, volleyball and badminton. He also loves to cook most especially his favorite dish, Tinolang Manok.

Inside the Big Brother house, he was dubbed as the 'Pag-A-Son ng Angkan ng Zamboanga', Yong was born 14th out of 17 siblings. His father sells different goods like shoes, clothes and even fruits to make a living but were usually confiscated by police officers.

His father later died from asthma and her mother suffered from a mild stroke after.

Yong shared that it has been his dream to join Pinoy Big Brother and become a celebrity. This was also his father’s dream for him so he pursued. He said he idolizes former teen housemate Bailey May.

One of the unforgettable moments he had inside the house was when he and the rest of the teen housemates got a special reward after completing a task. That very special reward was that Muhajil got to have a mini-reunion with his whole family, he got to spend a meal with his 16 siblings and his mother inside the "PBB" house.

Get to know more about Yong and other lucky teen housemates by watching Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 every night, only on ABS-CBN.


  1. Loyal Yongster po dito! Please po tulungan niyo kaming iligtas si Yong na hindi makalabas sa bahay ni Kuya sa pamamagitan ng inyong boto. Please?

  2. Plss...ligtas po natin si yong..

  3. ..kayang kaya muyan Yong .. Sabi nga nang mama mo payt payt payt


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