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P500 Nose Job Destroys Model's Face

A model is seeking help after a supposed beautician's botched nose job damaged his face and ruined him financially.

Ellowe Alviso said he had several modelling gigs few years ago, but he wanted to improve his facial features but it suddenly turned out to be a big disaster soon after.

Ellowe Alvioso told DZMM on Friday, said he has sued the suspect, Euge Edward Udangan, for destroying his nose and chin.

He told that he was injected by Udangan with what the latter claimed was a collagen solution into his nose. Udangan also performed a cleft chin job on Alviso.

After these facial enhancements that Udangan performed on him, Alviso said he got more modelling, projects but after two years, he noticed that his nose and chin got deformed. This made him lost all his modelling offers.

When he had a consultation with a physician, he knew that the solution injected into his face was a mix of wax, petroleum jelly and sealant.

He then look for Udangan to ask for financial help, at least half of his hospital expenses. However, instead of being helpful, Udangan allegedly threated him.

"Minura ako, binantaan ang buhay ko, sinisiraan ko daw siya," Alviso said of Udangan, a transgender woman. (She cursed me and threated me of tarnishing her reputation.)

Now that he can no longer work as a model, he now sells balut and occasionally works in park events as a Halloween character.

"Kapag may mga events sa park, nag-aano ako ng pang Halloween," he said (If there are events at the park, I dress up as if it's Halloween).

Police promised to help tracing the suspects whereabouts, who now has warrant of arrest.

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