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Balang's Version of Beyonce's Single Ladies plus Nae Nae at The Ellen Show

After his amazing Bang Bang dance performance 6 months ago, Filipino Youtube Sensation Balang came back at The Ellen Show, to show off his latest Zumba stint. Watch him do Beyoncé proud!

The 7-year-old "MiniMe Season 2" finalist of It's Showtime Balang visited again Ellen de Generes on her show again to teach viewers a Zumba, this time dancing to BeyoncĂ©'s 2008 hit song Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) - impresses the award-winning host and the live audience.

Balang were asked by host Ellen some questions during interview with interpreter, again with Danica Doma. Below is the cute conversation between Ellen, Balang and interpreter Danica.

Ellen: So what have you've been up to since you been here last?
Danica: Ano na daw pinagkakaablahan mo ngayon simula ng nag-guest ka dito, kamusta ka daw?
Balang: Marami po sakin nagpapapicture, tapos po navi-video po kami, tapos minsan po may nagpapaicture po sa akin sa tren.
Ellen: So, nothing much?
Danica: He said, he is doing good and we make more videos and sometimes while were in the train, lot of people wants to have picture with him and they said oh we saw you on The Ellen Show
Ellen: So, oh so you're a big celebrity now.
Danica: Artista ka na daw ngayon.
Ellen: Laughs
Ellen: So you were here, and youre taking, you taught us Zumba last time are you still doing Zumba?
Danica: Noon nakaraan daw tinuruan mo sila mag-Zumba, hanggang ngayon daw ba nagzu-zumba ka pa rin?
Balang: Yes.
Ellen: What is that?
Danica: He said yes.
Danica: Nagtuturo ka daw ba ng Zumba
Balang: Nagtuturo po ako ng Zumba para healthy tayo lahat.
Danica: He said, he still teaches Zumba for us to become healthy again.
Ellen: Oh he's teaching. Yeah, that's you, you're teaching Zumba now. Do you get paid for that.
Balang: Yes, 80 dollars.
Ellen: 80 dollars.
Danica: Yes, once we got 80 dollars.
Ellen: Ah once.
Ellen: Oh so once, and so how often. What did you buy?
Danica: Ano daw binili mo sa 80 dollars mo, para exercise.
Danica: He said, because of that money he got a bicycle and he uses it for his exercise.
Ellen: Oh you're riding a bike. That's good.
Ellen: Of course I didnt bring you all the way here just to talk to you. I'd like you to perform for us. What are you gonna perform to us. What song?


While on commercial break, Balang and Stephen "tWitch" Boss showed off their Nae-Nae moves .


What do you think of Balang's second guesting on The Ellen Show? Let us know by the comment section below!

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