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Robin Padilla's wife Mariel Rodriguez Suffered Another Miscarriage

Kapatid TV host and actress Mariel Rodriguez suffered another miscarriage last Wednesday confirmed this Thursday by Betchay Vidanes, Robin Padilla's manager.

It was first week of this month when 45-year-old action star Robin initially confirmed that his wife, Mariel Rodriguez was pregnant with twins. But on August 10, Robin announced on Instagram that the host-actress was actually pregnant with triplets.

Here is the full statement by Betchay Vidanes on her Instagram account:

"To our dear public,

"We have received a confirmation message from Mr. Robin Padilla regarding the status of their pregnancy.

"It is with such a heavy heart that we are informing you that Ms. Mariel has suffered a miscarriage on August 12, 2015 at 6:30pm and the couple have lost the triplet pregancy.
"On behalf of the couple we would like to ask for you prayers and utmost consideration for the couple's privacy and comfort.

"May the Creator bless them with hope, mercy and joy."

This was the second time Rodriguez suffered miscarriage. In March, she was eight weeks and three days pregnant when she lost her first child.

UPDATE: Robin Padilla uploaded on YouTube a video of Rodriguez undergoing a medical check-up titled, "Aug 12,'15 Wed 6:30 pm i would like to inform the good public that my wife suffered a miscarriage".

The 31-year-old Rodriguez was told that she had lost her triplet pregnancy by her doctor. Watch her reaction with the video below.

This happened days after Padilla has decided to withdraw from his Metro Manila Film Festival movie "Nilalang" with Japanese adult porn star Maria Ozawa.

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