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Cebu Pacific Attendant Allegedly Caught Stealing P58K from Passengers

Cebu Pacific Air (CEB) is now investigating a flight steward who allegedly stole Chinese money worth approximately P58,000 from passengers in a flight going Mainland, China last August 11 on a from the Kalibo International Airport (Boracay).

The incident has been circulated online since Tuesday, Aug 12, as it is been posted in several social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 

According to these posts, the act was caught and discovered when Cebu Pacific Air Flight 5J52 already landed at the Changsha Huanghua International Airport in China, when suddenly three passengers reportedly found out that they lost money amounting to 8,000 Yuan from their bags.

The missing money had been found inside the plane by the police officers. The suspected thief, a male attendant had allegedly tried to get rid of the cash in the restroom, throwing them in the trash bin and flushing them down the toilet.

CEB lawyer and officer-in-charge for corporate affairs Mr. Paterno Mantaring Jr., said that the company has been informed of the theft and is now conducting a thorough investigation.

READ: Below is the trending post of Henry Wong in Facebook with pictures of alleged thief, the male Cebu Pacific attendant and the stolen Yuan from the passengers.

This was a male flight attendant of Cebu Pacific Air Flight 5J52 from Boracay to Mainland China early this week. He allegedly stole the money of several passengers on board and was was caught red handed by the passengers. 

Although he was able to flush dozens of pieces of RMB¥100 bills down the toilet, airport policemen were still able to recover damp RMB bills from the garbage bin in the lavatory. 

The whole crew were said to have conspired to committing the crime because other flight attendants and the air marshall were covering the suspect when he rushed to the toilet trying to destroy all evidences. 

The crew started to look suspicious when they insisted that the window shields must be pulled down all the time and even small sling bags were required to be stored in overhead bin while much bigger school bags of children were exempted. 

The handwritten Chinese letter was the testimony of the passengers.

As of writing, this has been shared 1,867 times and liked by 600 Facebook users.

Counsel Mantaring said, “As part of standard procedure, cabin crew members of the said flight will be placed on paid leave and a non-flying status, pending the completion of the investigation.”

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