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Maria Ozawa excited to work with Robin Padilla; Open to dating PNoy

On a press conference held at H2O Manila for her upcoming MMFF entry, Maria Ozawa talked about her past carreer, Robin Padilla and even President Noynoy Aquino.

The popular 29-year-old  Japanese adult video (AV) actress is now in the country as she prepares for her first ever movie here in the Philippines.

Maria Ozawa with producer Andre Urbina
Under the production team of Troy Montero, Haunted Towers' "Nilalang" is one of the 8 films that is going to compete in this year's Metro Manila Film Festival roster in December. It will also be shown in Japan according to Andre Urbina, producer. The horror-action movie also stars Robin Padilla and will start filming in August.

Maria Ozawa with Mario Dumaual
Asked if she will be doing sexy scenes with her leading man, Ozawa answered, "Am I? We have to watch the movie!"

In an interview with Push.com.ph,  Maria said that she is really excited to start working with Robin on the film. On her first impression of Robin, she commented, “He’s really buff, like muscular so that's really sexy.”

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About the idea of dating the Rebuplic of the Philippines Chief Commander, the Japanese star enthusiastically responded that she would love to date PNoy saying, "Of course I'm so open. I'm so free, I would love to!"

Asked if she wants to be a first lady, she said, "That will be so dream come true, anytime." She has not met the President yet but she said that she is very interested to meet the country’s first bachelor chief executive.  "Of course anytime," she said. The Japanese star is currently single.

Robin Padilla's newest leading lady also shared that she is planning to settle down anytime soon and have kids.  "Yes I do [plan to marry]. I'm going to turn 30 next year, so before I turn 35, maybe I'll marry and have kids." She said that she would love to date a Filipino. "I love to date someone here so I can stay [here]."

On the top qualities that she admires the most in a guy, she said, "They have to be muscular, with sexy cute face and of course a gentleman."

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