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Is Dra. Vicki Belo Having a Baby?

Filipino dermatologist and television personality Vicki Belo mum on the rumored pregnancy with longtime boyfriend and fellow Belo Medical Group doctor Hayden Kho.

Dra. Belo is said to be having a child via artificial insemination using a surrogate mother. (source: PEP.ph)

When asked about this, the 59-year-old doctor simply smile and said to ask Hayden who could best answer the question.

Belo, “Ay naku, tanungin mo si Hayden. Si Hayden sasagot niyan.”

When Hayden was asked about the rumored pregnancy, he said he didn’t want to talk about their private lives in that particular occasion.

Hayden answered, “Yang mga ganyang bagay ay hindi pinag-uusapan dito.”

“No comment na. Hindi daw dapat pag-usapan. Private life,” Dra. Belo added.

After their failed engagement in 2010, they are once again considering the possibility of getting married.

But, “Under observation” is what the celebrity doctor said when asked about their wedding plans.

Last month, Dra. Velo reconciles with actress Katrina Halili after all that happened.

Dra. Belo posted this photo on her Instagram with this caption,

"This picture was taken 10 days ago . I always believe in forgiving but I have to admit that it's not easy . But, if God can forgive us for all our sins who are we not to do the same. Being bitter and unforgiving enslaves you and not the other person . To God be all the glory"

And on his Instagram account, Dr. Hayden Kho posted this photo captioned,

"I had wanted to wait for the proper time to announce this reconciliation that happened last week; but since it's already out I might as well say my piece too.
After seven years of enmity, Katrina, Vicki, and myself are now reconciled. And I want to say that just like the restoration of my medical license, the restoration of my relationship with Vicki, Katrina, and many others happened because I first sought to restore my relationship with God.
It was by God's grace- made available through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ- that I have been restored. And I want to emphasize that when the Bible says, "Seek first His kingdom and all THESE things shall be added to you (Matt6:33)", we are given a principle that can be tested and proven to be true over and over again. All glory to God Who alone deserves it."

It was years ago when sexy star Halili had an affair with Dr. Belo’s boyfriend, Hayden Kho. In fact, there was a video scandal of the two, as well as other girls Hayden was also involved with.

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