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Traffic Officers Wearing Adult Diapers during Pope Francis Visit made Buzz Online

Photos of persons dressed as police officers and traffic enforcers wearing adult diapers without their pants on went viral on Sunday in the middle of the coverage of Pope Francis visit in Luneta.

Blogger photographer Tony Ahn, posted photos in his Facebook,

Government officials then cleared this issue states that these people were just having a social experiment as part of a possible online video or show and they are not real police officers.

“We do not do experiments like that, as I already stated before, policemen do not wear diapers. It is an unfair portrayal of policemen who worked hard under the sun and rain to ensure the safety of the Pope and the devotees who came to see his Holiness,” PNP spokesman and Senior Supt. Wilben Mayor told ABS-CBNnews.com in a text message.

“With all the praises from all walks of life and the Media for the Police as a result of the successful event of the Pope's visit, may I request that you focus on the positive side rather than the negative,” he added.

Meanwhile, US comedian Jon Stewart made fun on diaper-wearing MMDA enforcers issue in his American late-night talk and news satire television program The Daily Show In the segment "Diaper Hard" on its January 15 episode.

"You heard right! So large and inevitable will the crowds be when Pope Francis visits the Philippines, authorities in the capital city are having their law enforcement officials wear diapers!" Stewart said.

"Now I get it why so many Filipinos are also protesting the police with those 'I can't breathe' t-shirts," he said.

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