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Starbucks Philippines' New Yogurt Flavors - August 2018

They're here for a limited time only! Try Starbucks' newest blended beverage flavors for this month; Green Tea Yogurt Frappucino and Berry Peach Cream Yogurt Frappucino.

Starbucks' New Blended Beverage Flavors
Green Tea Yogurt & Berry Peach Cream Yogurt Frappucino
Limited time only starting August 13, 2018
In all Starbucks stores nationwide

Green Tea Yogurt Frappucino is made with signature matcha powder blended with tangy yogurt mixture then swirled with green tea sauce. This drink is topped with green tea whipped cream and green tea sprinkles for the ultimate matcha lover drink.

On the otherhand, the Berry Peach Cream Yogurt Frappucino is a fun and authentic beverage experience with sweet and creamy Strawberry Frappuccino® layered over soft peach jelly and chunky peach bits.

These two mouth-watering drinks will be available in all stores starting August 13 for a limited time only so make sure to catch them while they are here!

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