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Jobert Sucaldito's counter statement against Erik Santos

After seeing the alleged derogatory remarks made online by Jobert Sucaldito to Erik Santos, the lawyer of the radio host and columnist released their counter statement.

Based on Santos' statement in the Prosecutors office in Quezon City, Sucaldito's posts on Facebook accused him of being gay and engaging in lewd acts, causing him "mental anguish, serious anxiety, and sleepless nights." In other words, these posts caused trauma to the singer.

Ferdinand Topacio, Sucaldito's lawyer released a statement to PEP saying that Santos' attempt to keep Sucaldito's silence was not right.

"Gay' is no longer a pejorative term in these enlightened times, but merely a statement of sexual preference. By saying that ''gay'' is an insult, Erik Santos insults all the gay people not only in this country but all over the world," Topacio said

Below is Attorney Topacio's Full Statement:

“The attempts of the camp of singer Erik Santos in silencing our client, Jobert Sucaldito -- a legitimate and established entertainment journalist of long standing -- first by lobbying for DZMM to suspend him, and thereafter by filing criminal charges and publicizing the same, are both appalling and alarming.

But what is even more unnerving is the insistence of Mr. Santos that calling him "gay" is an imputation of a vice or defect. Unless he has been hiding under a rock for the past decade or so, Mr. Santos, being in the entertainment industry, should know better.

"Having made it a substantial part of his career to court publicity, Mr. Santos and his managers should not be heard to complain that some of that publicity is unfavorable. There is truth to the saying that if one cannot stand the heat, he should get out of the kitchen. And verily, Mr. Santos cannot try to extinguish the fire because he will come out half-cooked.

Jobert Sucaldito was only practicing his profession as he has been doing for most of his adult life. We will resist with the full force of the law every attempt to curtail his rights and prerogatives as a journalist and as a citizen of the Philippines."


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