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Pokemon Go: Basic Things That You Need To Know

It's been a week now since the release of Pokemon Go here in the Philippines. If you are thinking of trying this worldwide phenomenal game, I am telling you it is not too late to join this craze.

To help you get started with Pokemon Go, I have listed some of the main functions in the game below that you need to be familiarized with.

Check Device Compatibility and Requirements

To start, you need a smartphone, tablet or phablet that's Android or iOS with GPS and Internet access (WiFi or Mobile Data) to play. Android version must have version 4.3 at least and on iOS must have iPhone 5 or better.

Download the Pokemon Go Application

The game can be downloaded via Google Play App Store for Android users or iTunes App Store for iOS users. Go ahead to your application or search through any search engine for "Pokemon Go" then click "Install" then wait for it to be completely installed.

Be sure to have at least 200MB of free storage space to download the application.

Launch App on your Device

Customize Your Avatar Look
Before you start looking for Pokemon, first you need to create your own Pokemon Go Trainer. It can be a Male or Female that will serve as your unique avatar as you go on with the game.

You will be given the freedom to choose your name and customize the physical features of you Pokemon Go Trainer, starting from its Gender, Face, Hair, Eye Color, Hat, Shirt, Pants, Backpack, and Shoes.

Once you're done with this you'll be directed to the navigation map. 

Before we start catching Pokemon, let's just familiarize first the main menus of the game.

Learn The Basics - Start with Main Menus

At the bottom of your screen, you will found 3 icons. From left to right, these include Trainer Profile (the one with your avatar), Pokeball icon and Sightings.

Trainer Profile: Here you can see your current Trainer level, XP required to reach the next level, Badges/Achievements and more. You will get achievements for walking certain distances, catching a required number of new Pokémon, visiting a set number of Pokestops, winning a certain number of Gym battles, etc.

Pokemon Go Trainer Profile
When you click the Pokeball icon you'll see Pokedex, Items, Pokemon, and Shop.

Pokemon Go Pokedex
Pokedex: This is the digital encyclopedia of every Pokemon that can be captured in Pokemon Go. When you first start out, each Pokémon Profile will be hidden or appears like a silhouette.

When you capture a Pokémon, the Pokedex will populate with an image and reveal detailed information about that particular Pokemon.

Pokemon: Pulling up the Pokémon menu will allow you to see all of the Pokémon you have captured so far. Each Pokemon will show as a small image with its corresponding CP value. Selecting a Pokemon will show further details including Type, height, weight, Moves, etc. (more about these later).
Pokemon List and Pokemon Eggs
Items: As you travel and progress in Pokémon Go you will be able to obtain items. These Items may include Pokeballs, Potions, Eggs, etc. that will automatically be added to your inventory. Pressing the Items icon will provide you with quick access to your inventory.

Pokemon Trainer Items and Shop Items
Shop: Here you can see different helpful items on sale. But to be able to get items, you need to have coins. You can earn coins when you own a battle gyms for at least 21 hours or you can simply buy coins via Google Play Store or iTunes App Store

There you go! You can now start exploring your area or the nearest cities or the world or rather to catch all the Pokemons. Next time I'll post some tips and hacks so be sure to come back!

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