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25 Year-Old Bobby Murphy of Snapchat is Forbes Second World's Youngest Billionaire

Filipino-American Bobby Murphy and his Snapchat business partner Evan Spiegel made it to this years Forbes List of 2015 Billionaires Newcomers. Each has a net worth of $1.5 billion.

source: forbes.com

Murphy, 26,  grew up in Berkeley, California, where his parents are state employees. His mother emigrated from the Philippines.

Snapchat is a mobile application that let you share a photo or video with a message to your contacts. They'll view it, laugh, and then the Snap disappears in 10 seconds or less. The tech startup was reported to have turned down a US$3 billion buyout offer from Facebook in 2013. It was a good decision, it seems, as the company is now valued at an “eye-popping” US$19 billion following new funding, according to Forbes. Forbes estimates Murphy owns at least a 15 percent stake.

Other names that made it to the list are:
  1. Travis Kalanick - Uber (car service)
  2. Elizabeth Holmes - Theranos (blood testing) $4.5 billion
  3. Tatiana Casiraghi - SABMiller (beer) $2.2 billion
  4. Dan and Bubba Cathy - Chick-Fil-A $3.2 billion each
  5. Kim Bum-Soo - KakaoTalk (mobile chat service) $2.9 billion
  6. Douglas Leone - Sequoia Capital (venture capital) $2.2 billion
  7. Russ Weiner - Rockstar Energy (energy drinks) $2.1 billion
  8. Brian Chesky - Airbnb $1.9 billion
  9. Bill Haslam - Pilot Flying J (truck stops) $1.9 billion
  10. Rodney Sacks - Monster Energy (energy drinks) $1.5 billion
  11. Markus "Notch" Persson - Minecraft (video game) $1.3 billion
  12. Alexander Karp - Palantir (software firm) $1.2 billion
  13. Yoshiyuki Sankai - Robotics $1.05 billion
  14. Charles Edelstenne - Dassault (aviation) Net worth: $1 billion
  15. Ken Grossman - Sierra Nevada (beer) Net worth: $1 billion
  16. Reed Hastings - Netflix Net worth: $1 billion

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