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Bench “Love All Kinds of Love” Ad Campaign promotes Gender Equality

Along Guadalupe Drive in Epifanio de los Santos Avenue you'll see four dashing billboards presenting  “Love All Kinds of Love” featuring huggy images of showbusiness personalities.

Award-winning movie legend Gloria Romero and grandson Chris Gutierrez.
Gloria Romero and Chris Gutierrez
Sexy actress Solenn Heusaff and Argentine fiancé Nico Bolzico.
Solenn Heusaff and Nico Bolzico
Preview magazine's creative director Vince Uy and his boyfriend Nino Gaddi.
Vince Uy and Nino Gaddi
Interior designer Carla Pena and make-up artist girlfriend Ana Paredes.
Carla Pena and Ana Paredes
This ad campaign of Bench Clothing has taken a huge leap in local adverstising.

But surprsingly, a day before Valentine's, a part of one of Bench's billboards was painted black to hide the hands of couple Vince Uy and his boyfriend Nino Gaddi.

Revised billboard source: Vince_Uy Instagram
As of writing, Bench has not issued an official statement about the revised billboard.

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