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Man Gets Flame Dick for Cheating on his Partner

After a woman learned that her boyfriend was cheating on her, she sets out to get revenge by burning his private part.
A man peacefully sleeping in a white bed wearing only his boxer briefs and a pair of high socks. awakens to the flame on his dick made by her partner.

Watch the video below and see a woman, carefully removes the blanket covering the man and then opens a bottle of alchohol or according to DailyMail is a nail polish remover and quietly pour it to man's genital area of his boxers then lighted with a candle lighter.

The 30-second clip above was originally uploaded on video sharing site Vidme 16 hours ago. As of writing, this has been played 634,456 times.

Lazada Philippines

What do you think guys? Is this an acceptable thing to do when you found out your partner is cheating on you?

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